About this site:

I am used to designing industrial machinery, not websites. I started a new job and wished I had brought all my old reference material with me. I had a collection of one-pagers that I had gathered over 10 years. Everything from hardware sizes to common part numbers for bearings, bushings, gearboxes, and sprockets. I decided to recreate these electronically and I figured if it was handy for me, others might find it useful as well. So why not make a website?

This site is intended to provide quick reference material, basic information, and links to find more. There are many sites that have this information, but can be tough to navigate becaue they have so much. I wanted to make it quick and easy to find what I wanted to without digging through a ton of other stuff. Like my old 3-ring binder full of one-pagers.

I approached it like this: If I couldn't find a simple one pager of what I wanted layed out like I wanted, I would put one together. If another site did it well, I would just link to it. If a site is worth bookmarking I'd link to it as well.

Also included are short articles that may be of use for those who want to read a little more. They should be seen as the engineering equivalent of a little kid hardcover book about animals: A good introduction, but there's a whole lot more than this.

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